1.3 Million Reasons Student Homelessness Needs More Attention

By: Vanessa Lauren More than 4.2 million adults 18-24 struggle with housing insecurity. 1.3 million are students. 500,000 end up dropping out of school. 100 Las Vegas organizations focused on putting an end to homelessness, yet the numbers continue to rise. “I have served at least 120 students suffering from the risk of homelessness and/ or […]

Fast Fashion is Also a Feminist Issue

Piya, a 25-year-old garment worker in Bangladesh is only one of 215 workers employed in GAPs 21 studied factories who have reported workplace mistreatment. As a sewing machine operator, Pia watched her co-worker, Apa, receive special treatment in the factory they both worked at. Pia shared that Apa was given flexible hours and the ability […]

MLB and COVID-19: 9 Things we Learned from the Corona Virus Season

Martha Cruz As baseball fans, we were all expecting so much from the upcoming 2020 MLB season. A variety of prospects were getting their invites to spring training, new managers, veteran players final season; the list goes on. One thing that wasn’t on the agenda, COVID-19. As the fear of the infectious disease was growing […]

Below the Surface, Above the Noise

          (courtesy: unlvrebels.com) UNLV Student-Athletes Swim for Family and Legacy   By Devin Virissimo   Life is challenging enough during a global pandemic but to add on political conflict locally and abroad during finals week is just unreal.  For those international student-athletes that are living in the United States as it […]

Struggling Musicians fight to get their royalties from Spotify

By: Gabriela Rodriguez Making music is a tedious form of art that plays an essential part in everyone’s daily lives. Those who create it dedicate their time and talents to give something to the world that may or may not be praised. With that being said, smaller and larger artists deserve to be treated with […]

The Ongoing Journey as an Artist in a Rap Group

Music has always been a huge part of my life. When I was younger I used to listen to The Beatles sing their classic songs like “Hello Goodbye”, “Birthday”, and “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”. I frequently remember listening to classical music as well such as Mozart. At the time, music was just something that made life good […]

Are We Living In A Simulation?

Your perception of reality may be false, nothing but a simulated experience. If this is true, why aren’t we choosing to live life to the fullest if we can truly do whatever we want? If life is just one big advanced video game why not make life more exciting and fulfilling. Quarantine left a lot […]

We’re All Collateral Damage Of America’s History

BY: TAYLOR GABRIEL-REMIGIO It all started in the summer of 2013 after the acquittal for the killer of Trayvon Martin was released. Martin was a young and scared African-American teen who was innocently killed while walking home. Black communities were raging, and they had a right to be because all knew that the person who […]

The 206 Zine Highlights Local Roller-skating Culture

Zines have been used as a form of expression for decades in counterculture. Used to shed light on communities that may not get attention in mainstream media yet are still impactful to small circulations of people. They are generally self-published and cost friendly which give a great deal of wiggle room for creativity. The range […]

The 2020 World Series

Martha Cruz   After what seemed to be a never-ending time in quarantine with no sporting events to look forward to, the MLB season continued in a very distinctive way, and before you knew it, the 2020 World Series came to be. Even with all the new COIVD-19 guidelines put in place, the game of […]