Baja 1000 Contender Bryce Menzies

Baja 1000: The Battle through the Mexican Desert

By: Kenny Jimison From Las Vegas, Nevada to Portland, Oregon is over 900 miles; 15 hours nonstop. Now imagine making an over 900-mile trek through the Mexican desert from Ensenada to La Paz, Mexico, taking almost 24 hours. Well, there are many from around the world who make that adventure through Mexico, in an all-out […]

The Ongoing Journey as an Artist in a Rap Group

Music has always been a huge part of my life. When I was younger I used to listen to The Beatles sing their classic songs like “Hello Goodbye”, “Birthday”, and “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”. I frequently remember listening to classical music as well such as Mozart. At the time, music was just something that made life good […]

Are We Living In A Simulation?

Your perception of reality may be false, nothing but a simulated experience. If this is true, why aren’t we choosing to live life to the fullest if we can truly do whatever we want? If life is just one big advanced video game why not make life more exciting and fulfilling. Quarantine left a lot […]

Slacktivism: When Social Media and Social Justice Collide

By: Jasel Layson One Like = One Life Saved! As you scroll through your feed, you come across a picture of a little girl. She can’t be older than three years old. She’s dressed in ragged old clothes and has the biggest frown on her face. The caption reads, “One like equals one life saved!” […]

How Social Media has Opened the Door for Child Predators

Advancements in technology and social media’s widespread accessibility has proven harmful to underage children. By: Carlee Gettman Prior to the rise of social media, child predators would physically stalk vulnerable youth at highly populated sites like playgrounds, schools, malls and even their own neighborhoods. Fast forward a few years and the evolution of technology and […]

This is Why You Can’t Play Daily Fantasy Sports in Nevada

DFS isn’t illegal in Nevada, but Nevadans still have no way to play… or do we? Written By Dominic Schatzan On October 15, 2015, the Nevada Gaming Control Board announced that all Daily Fantasy Sports were operating illegally in Nevada because they were not licensed to do so. Thousands of Nevadans were suddenly unable to […]

Covid-19 From the Eyes of a Frontline Worker

Nearing it’s one year old birthday, Covid-19 has upturned the lives of millions of Americans, and over 250,000 lives have been lost. Entire infrastructures from the service industry to schooling have been severely affected by the pandemic due to shutdowns, and in the midst of this country’s third wave, and talks about a second round […]

On the Whitewashing of Roller Skating

By Jasmine Phat A cool summer breeze comforted my skin as I prepared to roller skate as Mountain’s Edge Regional park; the Sun was far gone and only the indigo sky welcomed Las Vegas’ local skaters against the pandemic silence. With most areas of social interaction and recreation closed due to the season of COVID-19, […]

Blackface in Korean TV

Cultural Appropriation of Black Culture is a Problem in Kpop

Korean pop (Kpop) has taken over the western world. While it was extremely popular in eastern countries, only in recent years has it been able to break into the American market. Artists like PSY and groups like BTS, Monsta X, TWICE, and Blackpink have helped push the Kpop genre. The music Kpop groups make, use […]

Fight Like A Girl: Female Representation in Marvel Films

Madeline is a local middle school student, who had a lot to say about how Marvel films have inspired her. “When I see female superheroes in Marvel Movies I feel empowered. As a young woman I find it really inspiring to see such powerful women take the lead. Marvel has many male characters in which […]