Don’t Do Colleges

How Political Correctness is Changing Comedy By. Brandon Skorzanka The organizers of the event flocked to the stage mid performance. Comedian Nimesh Patel looked confused and they began talking over his performance. They tried to play it cool, saying “There has been a change of plans for a dance marathon, and we have to end […]

My Friend Oliver

It’s 2:00am in Texas. Oliver is outside walking Cheryl’s schnauzers on a chilly spring night. He sits down and lights up his cigarette, his phone is playing Lana Del Rey’s this is what makes us girls. “This is what makes us girls. We all look for heaven and we put love first. Something that we’d […]

Nick Cannon Vows to Finish Dr. Sebi Documentary

By: Brandon McGregory Recently, actor/comedian Nick Cannon took on the position of completitng the documentary that rapper Nipsey Hussle had begun that focused on a mysterious man named Doctor Sebi.  Not long after Nipsey Hussle put out the statement that he was actually working on this documentary, he was killed.  It is almost as if […]

Why I Chose to Swipe Right on Changing Modern Dating

By Grace Sarkoyan Sitting on the couch in my parents’ room, watching reruns of Downton Abbey, a notification on my phone pops up. It’s a message indicating I have a “match” on Bumble!   Bumble is one of various dating apps aimed at introducing prospective singles in the 21st century. Unlike Tinder where there is […]


BY: LYDIA VAZQUEZ The Los Angeles Dodgers eagerly awaited the return of Corey Seager after he was limited to just 26 games in 2018 because of Tommy John surgery. Seager played a major role in the Dodgers’ success of making it to the World Series in 2017. Batting .254 the shortstop hasn’t quite returned to […]

Discovering a rebrand through podding

A lot has changed in between Joe Budden transitioning from a rapper to a media mogul but nonetheless, it’s happened and happened right in front of our eyes.   Joe, the music artist, was known for being a combative, wildly abrasive entertainer that some would deem “hard to work with.” However, Budden was still able […]

Dissect is a must if you call yourself a music-reviewer

Some people say music is what feelings sound like.   The more popular that music becomes the more the average ear ventures out to find new music. Upon doing this, a lot of theme find different genres.   That being said, the review rate of songs, albums and artists is bound to increase.   However, […]

The Power of Saying I Don’t Know

The progress and improvement of the internet has given those who use it any answer it desires at the tip of its fingertips. In doing so, internet users and subsequently most humans have forgotten that there is power in saying “I don’t know.” Most of the time from fear of being criticized or belief that […]

Playoff Power Rankings: Elite Eight

By: Darrell Harris The Conference Semifinals are upon us, of what has been a truly unique NBA season. This year’s playoffs are in stark contrast to what the rest of the 2010s have resembled. The young Nuggets roster features just three players who have been in more than 8 playoff games. The Milwaukee Bucks ended […]