Movie Theaters Are Dying, and Covid-19 Didn’t Kill Them

  The Covid-19 pandemic swept across the country and got its diseased ridden fingerprints on nearly every major industry in America. Movie theaters were not an exception, and after nearly 6 months of being shut down, major theater chains reopened their doors back in late August. AMC specifically were selling opening day tickets for 15 […]

Inside Female Doping

By: Hailey Foster It is possible that throughout time with the abundance of examples demonstrating the increased corruptness and lack of civility towards certain issues, people can act rather calmly and nonchalantly when in the past, the reaction would have been more genuine. One of these examples falls under the category of athletes using performance […]

Fashion Week: Quarantine Style

By: Carlee Gettman If this year has taught us anything, it is how to adapt and the designers and masterminds behind fashion week did just that. The show must go on even if it’s virtual, full of chaos, glamorizes formal sweatsuits and barely includes social interaction. The fashion industry refused to let this usual iconic […]

Is the Presidential Election Written in the Stars?

By: Lauren Hyde. The 2020 Presidential Election is rapidly approaching with the whole process growing more chaotic every day. Last-minute rallies are televised daily and social media is full of “I Voted” sticker selfies. The election has taken over everything and likely won’t be disappearing even after November 3 passes.  Astrologers have thrown out their […]

Annual Life is Sh*t Festival Goes Online

By Gabriela Rodriguez The local music scene is not a main attraction to Las Vegas. It does not generate a huge revenue or entice visitors come and listen. It is, however, an important staple to locals. Home to multiple genres, thus creating a ring of musicians and music lovers. This ever-growing community has seen a […]

The Rebels are Set to Kickoff Their Rescheduled Season

by Devin Virissimo UNLV is set to embark on the next chapter in Rebels football history with a new head coach in a new home desperate for new success. After finishing sixth in the Mountain West conference last season, the Rebels cut ties with Tony Sanchez in favor of the collegiate and professional experience of […]

Hunter Pence: The Forever Giant

Martha Cruz If you live in San Francisco, you definitely have heard of Hunter Pence as a notable sports figure. What Hunter Pence did for the Giants in his eight combined years was more than just bringing in titles. He brought smiles, laugher, and an overall laid-back feeling for the city. His spirits and positivity […]