Will we ever see movies in theaters again?

Remember watching Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in the movie theater last December? The film was the most anticipated Star Wars movie since 1980 when The Empire Strikes Back premiered. Not only was it the final movie of the entire Star Wars trilogy, but the world also discovered the fates of Darth Vader’s grandson, […]

Jason Voorhees: Power Ranking

By: Nick Vita The character of Jason Voorhees has an onscreen growth that many main characters will never have, especially when it comes to horror films. Through each part of the Friday the 13th series, Jason takes on a different look, as well as a different skill set. From a mutated boy drowning in the […]

The Bizarre Timeline of the Halloween Films

By: Nick Vita Halloween Kills, the newest installment to the Halloween franchise, will be released in October. This will be the 12th film to a series that was supposed to end after the second movie. Michael Myers always seems to find a way to resurrect and return to the big screen though. With so many […]

Why Music in Film Needs More Attention

By: Nick Vita What makes a movie scene memorable? An over the top action sequence might stick in your mind, or a laugh out loud comedy gag may do the trick as well. A dramatic moment of love or death that makes audiences shed a tear will definitely be one to remember. How about a […]

Kyle McLaughlin in David Lynch’s Dune 1984, Courtesy Universal Pictures

Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” Reboot Can Set a High Standard for Science Fiction on the Big Screen

By Jordan O’Brien When Brian Herbert announced that Denis Villeneuve would be directing the latest adaptation of his father’s famous novel, “Dune,” critics appeared to greet the news with restrained excitement. Andrew Liptak from The Verge applauded the French-Canadian director’s impressive credentials, but cautioned fans not to be too enthusiastic. “There’s no guarantee that we’ll […]