1.3 Million Reasons Student Homelessness Needs More Attention

By: Vanessa Lauren More than 4.2 million adults 18-24 struggle with housing insecurity. 1.3 million are students. 500,000 end up dropping out of school. 100 Las Vegas organizations focused on putting an end to homelessness, yet the numbers continue to rise. “I have served at least 120 students suffering from the risk of homelessness and/ or […]

Young Entrepreneur Helping to Eliminate Homelessness

By Carla Calderon Entrepreneurial Spirit Dylan Sanglay is in his office sorting through clothes. He meticulously logs each item on his phone, deciding which would sell well or be better to give away. Either way, it’s all going to help the homeless. I first met Sanglay at my friends’ basketball game a year ago. He […]