Spotify: An Innovator for Storytelling

  By: Jasel Layson Spotify, the number one streaming service for music, is now raising the game in partnership with Cherin Entertainment. As early as next year, music won’t be the only thing streaming on Spotify. You will now be able to watch some of your favorite podcasts as TV shows or movies. Cherin Entertainment […]

From Stage to Twitch, the New Concert Experience

Grace Meyer | Image: The electricity of the crowd ignites as the headliners take the stage. “Are we ready?” they ask, and cheers and screams respond. The opening beats of the opening song hit eardrums, people begin to sway and move their bodies to the music. The heat of bodies all around us. The […]

Make Some Noise For The Ladies

By: Grace Meyer | Image: Women In Music: Nottingham Women in the media have been making noise for years about what is unbalanced from the other sex, from the #MeToo movement and the recent shut out of female filmmakers in the 2020 Oscars nominations, women around the world are shouting, and the volume is only […]

Bieber and Team Force-Feed Fans With “Yummy” Promotion in Comeback Single

(Image: YouTube/Vevo) By: Grace Meyer Celebrities take to social media to promote songs all the time, why was “Yummy” different? In early January 2020, the radio waves were graced with Canadian Pop Sensation Justin Bieber’s song “Yummy”. A song about his wife, model Hailey Baldwin, describes her as “yummy” too many times to count. And […]

Why Music in Film Needs More Attention

By: Nick Vita What makes a movie scene memorable? An over the top action sequence might stick in your mind, or a laugh out loud comedy gag may do the trick as well. A dramatic moment of love or death that makes audiences shed a tear will definitely be one to remember. How about a […]

Top Five Indie Albums You Should Be Listening To

Only 3 months into 2019 and already there’s been a stream of solid releases. Of course there’s no escaping Sharon Van Etten’s Remind Me Tomorrow but everyone from Foals to dark wave post punkers Diat, have graced fans with some excellent material. Here’s five that you should be listening to. 1. Mattiel  -Customer Copy Atlanta based […]

I Made List for Every Emotion with Taylor Swift Songs

P.S. I color coordinated the songs by album 1.Being in Love Do you have a crush? Did you finally found the one? These songs are perfect to daydream about how wonderful your love life is. Ms. Taylor Swift is well known for her many relationships. I thank the universe for her way of capturing the […]

Music Morality: How the Indie Scene Is Dealing With Sexual Assault

By Johnnie Wade The Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly was hard to watch.The six part series documenting Kelly’s alleged abuse of underage women shows that this behavior had been going on forever. In fact, my entire life. And given I was young but I still felt guilty watching the women describe the horrendous abuse that […]