What Does it Take for Produce to be Organic?

Certified Organic When you’re standing in the store picking out produce for the week, do you ever stop and think about what it took for that organic apple to get to the store? Or how can the store claim it’s still organic? Do you ever wonder what are the regulations for that apple to be […]

What Does it Take For A Farm to be Certified USDA Organic?

Have you ever thought of the steps it takes into creating the certified organic produce we see in the grocery market? Creating a USDA Organic farm is much more daunting than most of the consuming public would think. It takes years, acres of land, knowledge, and thousands of dollars to begin producing fully certified USDA […]

Pesticide Consumption and Concerns

Grocery store trips can seem like a daunting task when you’re concerned about what you’re consuming. In today’s world, you have to worry about every label, ingredient, brand, and even packaging. One main component in our produce most people are becoming aware of, is pesticides. The Center of Ecogenetics and Environmental Health states, “Pesticides are […]